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feedyard Talk. 5/20 6Am.------Feeders and Indian Tacos


Need a few head of feeders to fill out your pen this week..... consider a trip to Beaver Okla

Tuesday I'll Be there for Carmens Cafe.  Its the best pay cheap labor can expect.


8 AM until Gone - Biscuit & Gravy, Breakfast Burritos or Cinnamon Rolls

10:30 AM - Bierox, Mac & Cheese, Veggie, German Chocolate Cake

5PM - 7PM - Garlic Overload Burger w/Side


Wednesday: $5 Indian Taco

Saturday *11-2*

$5 Brisket Frito Pie

$5 Brisket Sandwich w/Chips

Lunch Special

Brisket, Beans, Potatoes, Rolls, & dessert or order from the menu



Sunday: Tater Tot Casserole or Lasagna - both come with Salad, Veggie, Rolls, Peanut Butter Pudding Dessert

Calves this week came in with a shiny fresh rain wash

If the calves are too fat to feed coming off wheat, bring em on in here.


Grain charting this morning is encouraging.  Using the July chart on the one year setting a couple of things stand out.

1.  amazing how the upward trajectory just kept increasing until we were nearly vertical, before that little stall out.-- not my idea of an ideal chart.... don't enjoy the acrobatics.

2.  At this point it still charts with an upward trend.  If we get another upward stall there will be crosswind as the analysts are blowing smoke signals early and hard.

3.  Beginning point for this uptrend corn market was August 12, 2020. with corn at $3.90 or below.  Seems like that was about when analysts were denying the damage from the big blow.

4 Big feature on most charts is the July to September protection being taken by the buyers.... starting to stick out like a sour thumb.  Corn shows a 90 cent drop in expectations.  Not surprising after a $3+ run.  Will be watching which side starts giving in on that one.  Brazil is not stepping in to push the harvest drop yet and it will now be a surprise if they do.  Especially since the US is even drawing on their supply in a dry year.






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Re: feedyard Talk. 5/20 6Am.------Feeders and Indian Tacos

SW -  just  is case  you  looking  for  another  deal , a  grocer to  your  north ,   has  a  '' Steak  Stock  Up  Sale ''  with  the  offerings  being  , 

8oz  Ribeye's  $8.99  ,   8  oz. New York Strip  $7.99  ,   &  BIG  T- BONE  STEAK  $ 19.99  ( doesn't offer  the  weight ) in  add  -  -  -

This  chain  is  also  in  the  K. C. metro  area , Hy Vee  -  -  -

CHECK  OFF  $$ ,  working  up  a  sweat ,  and  watch  the  label  for  ''' PRODUCT   of  WHO  KNOWS  WHERE '''   - - -

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Re: feedyard Talk. 5/20 6Am.------Feeders and Indian Tacos

SW, your steak sounds good but the Cinnamon rolls and the German chocolate cake would send my BL sugar levels way too high.  We are getting some nice rains here in IA now, right at 2.5" for the month.  The crops are all planted and look good.  All emerged but the late planted beans.  Warm nights in the sixties is making things grow.  Weather in July and Aug is what makes or breaks crops in this part of the world.

  Looks like KS has been getting some good rains too.  I'm sure your glad to shut the pumps off and let the water fall from the sky as long as it is in the liquid form!  I seen some land auction results from SW KS (dry land) go for a very good price.   Carry on.

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Re: feedyard Talk. 5/20 6Am.------Feeders and Indian Tacos

Using the handle "Wind" has to have roots in western Ks? (as I remember--or don't.  Memory function not perfect.)

On a general ledger sw ks is in the 2.5" or better first half of May.  April forgot to show up--- March did double duty so wind and cool temps with little rain until late April.   We are a little slower on planting.  Still have some corn to get in the ground (some of that going to milo intentionally with serious prices offered).  Your right present moisture will get us well into June before serious pumping.  Always the early indicator of a good year financially.

The "Boss" and I are in the Medicine Lodge area for a couple days..... seeing sites and enjoying the range land from Beaver Okla/Meade ks state Park on the west to the east edge of the Gyp hills south of Pratt.  You can 4 wheel a back road from here to Woodward Okla.  It is the cattle factory that drives the 4 best sale barns in that region... Dodge City, Pratt, Woodward Ok, and personal preference Beaver ok.  Diversity of Red, white, and black that has spawned the claims of at least two democratic presidential candidates, a mule or two and a Turner buffalo ranch in the middle.  Which is strangely fitting because that buffalo ranch lies just northwest of the original home of our old neighbor and famous Kennedy inauguration parade crasher, Buddy Heaton, riding his trained buffalo

The range land is so green and wonderful in spring dress.  Massive fires a few years back created special beauty as the surviving foliage thumbs it's nose in good moisture.

Buying land,        Land in Sw ks is struggling in the spasms of after shock from dumb money and greed for water.  There aren't that many places left that have good ground water so we spasm from the poor press coverage of the big sale in the Liberal ks area.  (the land did not bring the advertised prices..... but the land, pumps, wells, miles of underground delivery systems, expensive sprinkler systems, fertilizer injection, and established public water right documentation did bring those prices).   A money trap, depending on how you look at it.

Dry land selling around is in the 650 to 850 per acre range west (as CRP comes out of federal contracts in low rainfall areas).  Good land or farther east (more rain) sees it at 800-1300 per acre.... unless you're a massive dairy, New York investor, a Turner, or a tech fortunate son...... then we can role out some Iowa charges for land.  

Otherwise we are still Kansas --- 


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