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feedyard talk 1/12 2:45 am

corn up 2 cents

beans up 7 cents

Hrw up 5.5 cents

Cotton at 80 cents


They been higher and are fading a little....... 

Beautiful days here after the skiff of snow went away --- near 50 degrees.   

got a couple loads of 970 lb steers heading for the lot just in time to pay higher feed bills..... bring it on....

Grain keeps moving locally ...... eating up next summers supply from the grain piles.... not sure where it'll come from in june and july.  Never seen the ground piles getting eaten so early..... Lots of grain bypassing the ethanol plant.

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Re: feedyard talk 1/12 2:45 am

Here`s results of Algona`s green tag sale on the 4th.   Look at the cash fats price of $123 on the board $113 and it`s pretty much always a cash premium this way.  Are cattle futures any use other than entertainment purposes anymore?