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feedyard talk 1/4

1:32 am

Corn     4.93   +9.2

Beans    13.41     +30


to note the volume is well over 30K trades in corn and  37.8k trades in beans    noteable because these are growing numbers  night after night.

No time for year change profit taking....... ?????

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Re: feedyard talk 1/4

Wow!  They talk about it being hard to catch a "falling knife", this market is like trying to hold on to a greased pig.   I really thought the market would be down a little overnight.   The last doubting Thomas surely has felt the nailholes of this market.  I would say take cookies, but this jar is overflowing with chocolate chips fresh out of the oven every trading day.  Smiley Happy

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Re: feedyard talk 1/4

Do you suppose the USDA will raise their average price estimates in the next report? 😉

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Re: feedyard talk 1/4

No they are still (in their mind) the last word in commodities.  

But I did see suderman  report that usda had changed a weekly  export figure for soybeans from 53 million bushel to 80 million bushel.   

I really think the market has better sources than usda. 😳

some of this has to do with forces set in motion in the covid leadership shut down year.  

 Things like ethanol shut downs

mixing essential workers with nonessential jobs 

 Asking the cattle industry to change its rations twice in the same year — not gonna happen .   

 Stopping packing plants and leaving heavy cattle in the feed Lot requires morphine  and more feed  (  idiot iPhone)  

check with small meat processors most are backlogged for up to a year —- that’s all additional feed   

Etcetc etc     As hobby says   Just in time economies are not flexible    May take years to live in comfort economically   

Buying habits will and have changed— 





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Re: feedyard talk 1/4

Buying  Habits  , They  just  changed ,  McD's  introduces  3  new chicken  sandwich  offerings  - - 

  Did  I miss  the , Chicken   Check  Off ,     advert-is-ment ,   on prime time tube  - ?Smiley Embarassed


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