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Veteran Advisor

fmha work around ?

Had a fellow ask me today what to do.
Well due to the government shutdown,
Fmha is also closed.

Well what do you do when you have expense
to pay....but fmha has their name on the
Elevator account..
You want to sell grain (or cattle)...and you
Get a check...but can't cash, untilled you
Get a release.....but fmha is closed? ??

Punt, pass or kick?
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Senior Advisor

Re: fmha work around ?

Be patient young man. Thius to shall pass. Most anyone that does business should understand that the government shutdown has closed FHA offices and sent everyone home. They will be back ina few days and the accounts will be settled. Another one of the little guys being inconvenienced by this partisan BS.


I sympatize with him and urge him to seek private financing as soon as he is qualified.

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