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Re: for Ray J & MT

Nice picture Hobby! Me and the wife go to Wall about every other year. That elevator has been there a long time, I cant remember if those new bins were there last year or not. Gotta love the Badlands, dont forget Needles Highway if you havent been there already!
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Re: for Ray J & MT

Btw, South Dakota had a nice crop coming last year when we were there. (late August)

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Re: for Ray J & MT

And some say that a big dry is coming to the same northern area that was excellent growing conditions this yr.

Last time I was in the Dakotos, no way would I be a row cropper. A good part of Ia was due to be washed away with bare soil erosion on those hills. Not everybody can make big yields on no-till.

So: either the soil washes away or lower no-till yields

Biggest dry hurt I ever seen [that yr.] or soil erosion was my reason to shake my head at being a row cropper[in that region]

If this may be normal 8 out of 10, then count me out

When you don't plant headlands or the corners and drive around all the salt soil, no tile etc. then one wonders why even bother

Sure it may be good now, but what is that ground really worth. Add the cost to tile and is it even feasible

Want to bet on the next 10 yr average yield and land values in yr. 10 [Dakotos]

Lower heat unit requirements of the latst genetics haven't replaced the need for water, entirely

Plus the ungodly long distance to find an elevator, rail line eats up a lot in transportation costs

But: nobody wants 4 legged critters, so more and more grain has to go some place else

That is why the elevator bins, so what you think the basis will be to pay for all these extra costs

Too much work for critters and if it ain't easy, those same people will go else where, rather than raise critters

Bins may stand empty and hay/pasture may make sense to the next generation

What looks good today will always change, along with a lot of equitity

Can the Dakotos survive on 3.50 cash corn in the middle of the corn belt along water and rail lines [or at R.J's place]

What price is that in western Dakotos

Maybe it will work [I don't know and am asking a serious question] about long term viability

No way does IA suddenly have 200 bu. every yr [even if it is the western and northern part of IA]

So: Are the Dakotos any different

Come back in 10 yrs and tell me all about it. After a few big dry spells, what ever price we get, that can suck equitity like no tomorrow

Oops, forgot about the greedy LL. They can sprout out of nowhere

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Re: for Ray J & MT

Wglassfo, unless things have drastically changed since last year, western South Dakota (west of the Missouri river) grew a pretty good mix of wheat, corn, sunflowers, sorghum, alfalfa and cattle.
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