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north ia farmer
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? for cargill Ray if your still out there

I was thinking the other day about the good old day's on market talk.Do you ever talk or see good old Donny from the show me state?If I remember right he was really tight with Big Bob.There were a lot of fun poster on from the show me state,North west Iowa farmer,Gfarmer, Big Bull John boy from MN and the great Cargill Ray.Who were some other one's out there that I'm forgetting??????I would say Donny from the show me state and the great Cargill Ray were my favorite.It always pissed me off that Cargill Ray would do his 60mph crop tour though NIA and that SOB was right most of the time on the size of our crop.

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Re: ? for cargill Ray if your still out there

Hey, just caught me.....flying out  Saturday morning for San Antonio and then driving to McAllen..


If there are any snowbirds out there, we are having our breakfast meeting at Ann's Restaurant on Monday 2/11 starting about food courtesy of the big C.....


You bring up some memories.......unfortunately Donny L had some very serious health issues and not sure of his status...I may do some checking on that......I stopped to see him several years ago on a return trip from the south.....


Gfarmer....that boy fell off the face of the internet earth.....while still reneging on his wager....but i found out who he really was...might have to take a road trip some day......


John from SMn.....that guy is still kicking.....he sent an email to a huge group of people a couple of weeks ago and I was surprised to be on it....I think he has mellowed ....


NWF....remember that guy?? was dairy farming in N he is RIP


I learned where to go to find the "good corn".......the center of the corn growing universe....Woden, Ia


and I always knew you guys were way too pessimistic about your crop prospects....and maybe I got lucky a few times as well!




Ray J

Jed Stivers
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Re: ? for cargill Ray if your still out there

I have been thinking of posting and asking about John from S. Mn. He just fell off all at once.
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Re: ? for cargill Ray if your still out there

How about Northcorn and MT's old nemesis, VR Buck?

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Re: ? for cargill Ray if your still out there

VR Buck, 


He is probably just waiting for a good spring rain.  🙂

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we spent about ten days in McAllen

Just got home last week end. Visited snow birds in Weslaco and Pharr and went to progresso a couple of times for $1 margaritas.


Yes I like being refreshed about some of  previous characters. I liked Mr Larkin but he must have got weary of us. I think the woden guys got a bit more rain than those of us that farm in God's country. That's why they can buy those $12k farms.


Have a good vacation!

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