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freeze friday night/saturday morning, in kansas

Although we have had frost (nws didn't think
We did)
Forecast is mid to low 30's

What's it going to be like to the north.

Rubber green soybeans.
<sounds like the title to a hit song>

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Re: freeze friday night/saturday morning, in kansaa

Cheapo, not only did I have frost but I froze at one location.  Harvested milo this past Friday at 14% moisture, same milo 1 mile away planted the same day was over 20% moisture but not located in a valley.  Both had heavy frost nearly 3 weeks ago, can you tell which one froze?

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Re: freeze friday night/saturday morning, in kansaa

I got more rain coming those nights... A good bit of people going but not all ..Probably will have a mature enough crop to harvest after this rain... Gonna play slip and slide. Pick mud off the header near the end of the month?

Who knows... Sept. 20 on we have had shorts weather all the way til this weekend. No puddles. No 3 inchers or anything crazy please
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