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Re: from the parlor pit 10-14

I think you are fighting an uphill battle JR. Around here most livestock men also grain farm, so, they are not in a big hurry to see grain prices sink as it hurts them when they sell the grain they don't feed. I am not sure how much support you really have.


Why not work on the demand side of the milk price problem? Start at your local school board. Get flavored milk dispensers out beside every soda pop machine in the public school system. Restart cheese give away programs for the poor and out of work policy in this country again. Why not more tv and radio advertisements of the benifits of drinking a glass of milk with every meal. I guess to put it simple, promote your product and innovate distribution solutions.


  On the supply side, outlaw hormone injections to produce more milk from a cow.


Another posibility would be to look at improving efficiencies within your own business to be profitable at these price levels. If it is all just impossible, then quit milking and grain farm. You'll soon find out that isn't what it is all cracked up to be.

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Re: from the parlor pit 10-14

4WD me , fighting an uphill battle?  Is there any other kind? 

Well the problem with most of these posts that I make is that they are usually just a chapter in a very long book.  When you read just one chapter you don't get the full sense of the posters total history.  I have grain farmed when I have had excessive ground over and above my needs for the cattle. Some day I will again.  Just so you know grain farming is way easier than milking cows! 

You have two very conflicting statements in your post .

1. be more efficient.

2. outlaw hormones.

Well the hormones do give us more milk from relativly fewer pounds of feed. ( Full disclousure here I do not use the stuff)

So maybe I should start using that product and become the more efficient? 

As to adding milk dispensers in our schools some around me have them some of the smaller schools say that the cost is prohibitive for the number of students they have.

As to expanding markets yes you are right however right now our largest export market is closed to us. Why? Trade disputes over the north american highway.  We won't allow them to bring their sub par trucks and run them on our roads so they said you can't sell your milk to us.  So Dairy takes it on the chin so we can fly our patriotic flag and flex our collective soverienty muscle ( BTW I am all for the stopping of that highway).

We have been shut out of the China market becasue USDA hasn't filed the right paper work to get our products certified. All the plants have met the requirements and our products have been deemed safe yet USDA hasn't filed the paper work which they had two years to get in order.

Russia with it's drought situation isn't able to provide for all it's millk needs however America can't send in it's dairy products again becasue of paper work which the USDA hasn't been willing to file.

ANd lastly the EU stand ready to shut down our exports to them on DEC. 31 because of a rule that says our SCC must be below 400,000 from all farms who's milk is comingled into the plant where the product is made. 

ALl these trade restrictions have happened in the last 4 months and guess what we have opened our borders to more NZ product than ever.  

I have been engaged at many levels about all these trade disputes and guess what since a majority of them our political in nature we can not get the ball moving.  So as we go forward the squeeze will continue and our only hope is that dairies costs go down.  NOT pleasent but a reality, because they are political in nature the politicians are suggesting that we should help to pass an agjobs bill to lower our labor costs!

ANd btw the advertising in the dairy industry has been a joke for so long we just ignore it now. 

Hope your day is a good one. Are you about done harvesting? JR

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