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from the parlor pit 9-16

Harvest is done on this NCIA dairy farm! Smiley Very Happy  All we are waitng for now is fifth cutting hay and hauling manure, or is that the manure is waitng for us?  Believe me there is alot of cow puckey to get rid of.

Corn silage fields seemed to take most of the brunt of the drowning out. we averaged right at 18 ton per acre when you account for acres lost to flooding.  Quality was good though so we aren't complaining.

The grain hybrids were awesome! We didn't have as many acres as we hoped as we had to chop more acres to make up for lost tonnage due to flooding. What we did have though was very good the fields that went into the harvestore were yield checked and averaged over 190.

The best field was a 104 day corn planted on 4-27 it was first year corn after alfalfa the old stand was 3 years old (seeded spring of 07) with about a 60% stand.  The field had 110 units of N applied with the preemerge chemical.Yyielded at 206.7 adjusted to 15% moisture.  The moisture going into the silo and this sample in particular was 31%.  We got up some real nice high moisture corn this year.

So corn harvest is complete here at our farm.

It's kinda funny we work so hard all year and look forward with anticipation to the fall harvest, then we go Like bats outa hades trying to get done. Just funny to me I guess.

BUt enough about me on to the dairy markets. 

Price Changes from Previous Event

Changes in price indicesContract 1
Contract 2
Contract 3
All Contracts
Anhydrous Milk Fat (AMF)11.8%10.1%4.5%10.2%
Butter Milk Powder (BMP)-5.3%-9.1%n.a.-6.4%
Skim Milk Powder (SMP)0.7%-0.1%5.6%1.0%
Whole Milk Powder (WMP)0.1%3.3%-1.5%1.4%
All products (trade-weighted)1.3%2.6%1.7%1.9%


Here is the price changes from the previous auction for fonterra.  Looks like things are heading the right way.  And with the board price holding up well for the rest of the fall looks like it could be a good fall.  Now if this crazy corn market would just fall apart we could really make some money!Smiley Wink

( ah come on guys I am just joking.......well a little anyways!)  

We are taking cattle over to Spencer this afternoon for the Clay County fair we will be showing the herefords on Sat. afternoon.  We are looking forward to it.  All the cattle are doing well.  Should be a great show.  If you are over there look me up it would be great to say hi to some folks from the community! 

I'll have some more observations next week. Be safe JR


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Re: from the parlor pit 9-16

Hey Jr. Do you always add that much N to your corn on alfalfa? It's been awhile since I plowed up an alfalfa field and we never used any additional N. What is an average yield out there?



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