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Veteran Advisor

from the parlor pit

A few thoughts that have been slowly circulating in the gray matter here since yesterday.

First my new motto is takin from Jason Aldines song HE takes the tractor another round. That line just kept going through mind yesterday as I would go get another wagon. same scenery all day a dusty road into the hayfield hook up to the next wagon and do it all again. I don't know how some of you guys can sit in a tractor for hours on end. really boring! BUt then I noticed something missing on the radioSmiley Surprised

Hey the fast food places are featuring chicken and pork sandwiches instead of good old beef stuff!Man MadHow does tha impact the milk?  Less beef equals less cheese lets hope this isn't a long term trend changer. some of the fast food places are saying beef is to expensive.

Also cow numbers are creeping back up all except in California don't know of the long term impact yet as I still think it is a short lived trend.  (Rumor here is Wisc. up 5000 cows pretty much all from one farm anybody out there confirm?)

Also California looks to be gettin there water back on. This should be hailed as a positive for property rights but might just turn on the milk machine out there to it will take awhile. First they have to water the fields and get the hay growing again then we will see what happens.

Lastly a positive can be pulled from yesterdays close.  While we were lower in the out months the lead months were mostly steady to higher. So the trade digested the milk output icrease and still didn't tank! I view this again as a positive.  I think the fire works are still ahead.  I was also encouraged that butter didn't slip any farther.  

On the butter note my coop says they are adding on another butter line.  Last fall at the peak butter demand time of the year they wer not able to fill needs this was largely due to the lack of process space not a lack of milk. However it does show there is still real demand and the proccess folks are betting on a continued steady demand for the products. I havn't heard any hay prices this week or cull prices. I will try to get some for tomorrow or over the weekend. If some of you guys have some numbers to share please do. Man I got to go haul wagons Dad is a real slave driver this time of year ........ He just takes the chopper another round AND BURIES ME IN WAGONS!!!Robot tongue