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funny money


Just giving some consideration to the notion that something even more ominous than just a sharp cyclical drop of commodity values is unfolding i.e., a major, seriously destabilizing, deflationary trend.


I'm going to go do something productive and ponder the idea. Need to try not to chop off any limbs.



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Re: funny money

Well the Jim Rogers, Peter Schiffs and Bill Fleckensteins have made bets that inflation will be the end game.  Deflation is more painfull than inflation, if the fed`s $4.3 Trillion balance sheet actually made it to mainstreet you`d see all kinds of inflation.  It`s easy to get out of deflation ...just print money and give it away, but once started you can`t unring that bell.

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Re: funny money

Yes you can! The fed can burn money and not replace it. All you have to do is make people pay for the government they have. I see a democrat congressman is going to offer legislation to install a war tax to pay for the war against isus.


How about you? Is this threat of Isus worthy of a SIR tax to pay for our military actions.

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