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global ag..floating tax on wheat July 1

Wheat exports for 15-16 anticipate tumble to perhaps 29%..maybe as low as 15 mmt should this floating tax be implemented on Jly 1 according to Russian's Grain Union, ja.


Additionally, the Argentine's increasing April's export tax on biodiesel to 13.2% which further impacts farmers struck by the EU trade fall out-whilst recently in Mar the biodiesel tax was cut to 5%...


tough times everywhere, ja


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Re: juliedavis91849:

hate  2 say this, but your post is ALL "Liberal" conjecture ( thus theory ).


Farmers are subject to the AR tax....Not buyers.


Thank God and Greyhound when Christina is GONE.. My Bet it won't be long now either.



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Re: global ag..floating tax on wheat July 1



I am glad that you are still posting on here.


A few months ago, you posted a link to HAMweather interactive (now aerisweather).  We have had a lot of severe weather here over the past several weeks, and I have found your link to be extremely useful.  


Thank you so much for posting that link.  It has been a real blessing to me.




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Re: danke, Stephanie- power of these inter tubes, ja


One of us needs to grab a flashlight and head down the cellar to check on the grain bear's lair...


Go ahead, Markwright-after you...ha ha




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