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gmo's.......are we wrong ?

Up late not feeling well.
Listening to coast to coast am.
Interesting (worrysome)

Alot of news on gmo and chemical.

But maybe the real story is what the consumer wants. A study done, over 60%
Do not want gmo foods.
In Europe, unileaver is going all no gmo,
So is chains in us saying
they are going non gmo.....
The nations largest supplier, Walmart, is
Considering it, citing the booming organic

Now, there can be non gmo, non organic
products (what we were a few years ago).

Also movement towards roundup problem.
Companies now test for roundup.

Did you know there were gmo papaya?

I didn't.

So what are we to do, we have all this gmo
Stuff around, about everyone (including myself) doing no till and use round up.

But if the consumers don't want it, should
we raise it?

"We can't afford to go backwards "

We MUST have roundup, we MUST have
all the insect resistance.

Is this "true" ?

If we had lower production, wouldn't price
Go up?
If we didn't have to buy expensive seed, wouldn't we make more?

Could.....could we have been wrong?

Now we are seeing weed resistance, and
insect resistance ....and no options
Other than even more stuff.

I don't know if my illness or hearing all
This, is making me feel bad tonight.
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Re: gmo's.......are we wrong ?

How many people died in auto accidents yesterday

How many people died from heart disease yesterday

How many people died from tobacco use yesterday

How many people died from alcohol use yesterday

How many people died from hunger yesterday

Now ask yourself how many people have died from eating GMO food PERIOD, not just yesterday? Puts things in perspective doesn't it?

Ask someone if they would rather eat BT sweetcorn (including cans and frozen bags of corn) that's never had an insecticide sprayed on it but is GMO or conventional sweet corn that's not GMO but has been sprayed every 4 days with a dangerous insecticide from the time that corn plant hits tassel till 24 hours before it's harvested. You usually get some funny looks

Ask someone if they realize if they realize organic can still mean pesticides where used and that all natural and farm fresh are nothing more than marketing ploys.

And don't confuse yourself with resistance, there's been document resistance in insects and other pest that date back centuries. Weeds as well. It's not a new fad

Fact is. GMO's lower the pesticide load especially in highly efficient mono cultures which is what it takes to feed the world

And if you don't wanna believe that and think we should go all certified organic that's fine. But I will leave you with this little exercise

Whenever I hear a organic thumper making racket I offer to buy them a few beers and burger. We usually chat over a few beers and mow down some bacon cheeseburgers. I let them talk the entire time and acknowledge what they are saying. When they are finished I look em straight in the eye and tell them this.

Those two pints of beer you just drank are going to kill you long before GMOs will. The heart disease from the greasy bacon cheese burger will likely get you even before the alcohol disease from the booze does. O and one more thing. I need you to make a list of 2/3rds of the people in your family.

At this point they are usually in shock and ask what the list is for. I tell them if they truly want me and the rest of the farmers in the world to grow organic that's fine. I will gladly do it, but I'm taking care of my family and friends first which means you might wanna add a few more people to your list of those that are going to go without food and starve.

Bottom line. The vast majority of the general public has no clue where their food comes from and is so misguided you could feed em fried dog turds and they would love em as long as they were labeled non GMO

Living proof of all this was once again reinforced this past weekend for me. I was at a function Saturday evening in a very liberal town around some very liberal city folks that where from coast and coast and locally. This very subject came up and it's amazing the reaction you get when you tell them most of what they hear in the media about there food is a farce and then proceed to provide examples which in turn makes them ask more questions which leads to more shock and aw.

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Re: gmo's.......are we wrong ?

Hey I think this is an important topic. I think MT has oversimplified. I know I don't plant BT corn as it is Much less digestible for my cows as corn silage.
So I have rejected those benefits for my farm. Lots else could be said maybe later tonight.
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Re: gmo's.......are we wrong ?


Heart disease kills how many people a year? Doesn't matter if your cows eat organic, NonGMO or GMO. Red meat and dairy cause heart disease and death. Plain and simple

I have more respect for a vegetarian that's doing it for the right reasons concerning their heart health than I do some nut job spouting off about something they don't know

And frankly in certain topics of conversation about GMOs most farmers are just as ignorant as joe blow on the street. So it makes it even worse when the farmer himself doesn't get it

99.99% of the population has no clue the true testing and documentation that goes into GMO trait approvals. And FYI. Feeding studies are like step 990 in a 1000 step process. So much more happens than almost anyone knows about

You realize methyl bromide is still allowed to be used in CA for strawberry production because people don't like disease ravaged berries

Funny how that works. And yet want their food as cheap as possible

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Re: gmo's.......are we wrong ?

Really heart disease brought on by the big Satan livestock folks. But you cash croppers are clean and pure as the wind driven snow.
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Re: gmo's.......are we wrong ?

I think it is an incredibly valuable technology.


But the way it has thus far been employed and commercialized has been a zero sum game, at best.


And yeah, I think consumers have a right to have it labelled if they so choose.

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Re: gmo's.......are we wrong ?

So are you saying red meat and dairy don't cause heart disease? Really?

Until you can show me indisputable evidence that red meat and dairy do not play a role in heart disease and ultimately death. Then show me indisputable evidence that GMO corn has led to a fatality. There's nothing to discuss

Just out of curiosity. What kind of pesticides do you use? Do you use any hormones?
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Re: gmo's.......are we wrong ?

Dammit Tigger!  I really hate to agree with you but you have really nailed it.  The whole subject of GMOs and organic is really tiring because of the misinformation that is out there.  People believe what they are told.  Scary.  I agree 100% with you take on this subject.

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Re: gmo's.......are we wrong ?

I love my organic water.


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Re: gmo's.......are we wrong ?

Quote from Jr. :   But you cash croppers are clean and pure as the wind driven snow


Well Jr. Glad you finally figured that out - took long enought  Smiley Happy

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