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Re: The "wrong" thing is perhaps painting a buyer's

or producer's choice for a market niche into a supposed right or wrong equation.


who cares?   It's Likely Not Your Business.


Just keep in mind If usa farmers were Smart Enough to produce 1/3 less product, prices for the 2/3's produced would be Triple Today's prices.  THINK.



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too close for comfort
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Re: gmo's.......are we wrong ?

I am a business man, if I can make a significant amount more money without gmo or even organic it will happen. I have been spoiled the last decade with the convinience, ease, and safety, of farming with gmo seed, but I remember how we did things without it. As of now the consumer isn't talking loud enough with their wallets. Will they ever? 

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Re: gmo's.......are we wrong ?

That's exactly where I am on this. The market place hasn't sent a signal for non GMO so why do it? If there was a market for non GMO grain then you would weigh up whether it was worth going down that track. Having said that, down here in Australia we only have GM canola, roundup ready. I have not used it as I don't need too at the moment and the yield results are no better than other varieties.

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Re: gmo's.......are we wrong ?

One question:

If all this stuff we consume is bad for us, then why does the average life expectancy continue to rise?

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Re: Is it really too much to expect

the details of what is in your food products? JR is not the only one I have heard say that cattle do not do as well on GMO corn. Now I have no opinion one way or the other, but I do think consumers have a right to know such details about the products they buy.


I'm not convinced that organic products are healthier or better, but I do beleive that consumers ought to have that option. In other words give our customers what they want as long as they are willing to pay for it.


Does it bother anyone that GMO products use has been so extensive that they have contaminated our home grown seed supply that our farmers may face litagation from monsanto because their crop has some GMO traits.

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Re: gmo's.......are we wrong ?

Another point that has come to my attention
is target wants to be able to say non gmo.

I am amazed, when I go to Walmart, I see
More and more "non gmo" and "organic"

The issue here is not fats or carbs, but
Gmo, conventional, organic.

"MOST" consumers, if given the choice
Of going towards organic and conventional.
If is somewhat human nature to turn
From something that is not natural.
Most of the family's want the "best" for
Their family's, so both work. Part of the
Best is "good food"...years ago it was
"Normal" for a sack of chips and a can
Of pop for young people..

Today, I myself am surprised of the
"Healthy" choices they make

We wanting a more "basic" life, at
Least that's what the young ones tell
Me. I'm told that with as crazy stuff
Now, they would like to go back when
I was a kid.
No computers, things not so "go go"
Where you got a drink from the
Garden hose"..grandma never used
All that stuff in her garden.

I think the end consumers are trending
Away from gmo.
They are our customers
Someone said the market isn't telling,
Maybe it is, but we are not listening.
the elevators/chemical/seed/fertilizer /equipment are already positioned...for
Their gain...
not ours.
So we are not going to hear.

I must say I am amazed at the price of
Organic farm products.
Is this all supply and demand?
If so, what is being said...I think it
Is they want it.

Also rumor going around that Milo
Is gaining on reason, non
Gmo crop.

Oh joy, here comes my yogurt for the
"Liquids" diet

Note...non gmo food...
and the vanilla flavor ain't bag.

Here mud in your eye

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Re: gmo's.......are we wrong ?

The buyer of our White Food Corn switched from about 50% gmo corn last year to 100& non gmo this yr.He told us that Frito-Lay ,Nabisco, in the U.S., and 100% of thier export market wanted non gmo, and yes they incresed the premium for it.

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Re: gmo's.......are we wrong ?

They want "healthy" food as they define it, which May or nay not be true. Then they want to smoke weed? Oh but it's non gmo and maybe even organic!!
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Re: gmo's.......are we wrong ?

It's a perception problem, caused by strategic misinformation.  Proponents of non-gmo and organic products falsely tout their relative health benefits -- producers, activists and marketers work hard to create the perception that these products are more nutritious and healthy, and all of this creates demand from misinformed consumers who are willing to pay a price premium.  Reality is not the same as many consumers perceive.  Studies have shown there is generally no statistically significant nutritional or health superiority for non-gmo nor organic products.  And, if we all converted to non-gmo, or organic, there would likely be lower quality production, less production available, and higher general price levels due to supply concerns.


For example on GMO labelling perceptions --


For discussion of some actual health benefit studies --


And, while not in regard to this specific issue, the following article discusses some general issues and how the reality is much different than the public perceives, for whatever the reasons (misinformation, activists, someone's special agenda, media attention, etc.) -- I liked this quote from the article, "It is one thing for public opinion to be shaped by the perception of issues and another when politicians choose to make promises and write policies to feed and satisfy misconceptions." --


How do we better inform the public without damaging the prospects for our fellow-farmers who produce and market non-gmo or organic produce, perhaps at a higher cost that deserves some type of a premium price?


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Re: gmo's.......are we wrong ?

Makes full sense if the food grade market pays for the increased production cost as they should.
As China is paying a premium for milo over corn. So why won't china (or adm, etc) pay a premium and segregate non gmo corn.
But enough of the lies about the dangers of gmo ---without evidence.
Public opinion still fights immunization for polio and some of us can remember how foolish that is.
Elcheapo when you here a young opinion ask what it is based on. Usually rumor.
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