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Re: gmo's.......are we wrong ?

We have several large feedyards (80,000 head plus) around here and the beef capital 100 miles south of us and I have yet to hear them say anything about the reduced gains on gmo corn. Almost all of our corn goes to them and if I could I would raise 100% evil gmo corn. When you have the bug pressure we have year in and year out, you come to appreciate its benefits. My family and I consume gmo crops without concern.
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Re: gmo's.......are we wrong ?

Sorry sw, but the soccer player moms
Driving their mini van when they go
To store, its fruit, string cheese, fish
Crackers and bottle water.

I don't know what the answer is. I do
Feel there is more to the story on gmo's
Alot of small things start to add up.
I know on myself, I've noticed roundup
"Bothers" me when spraying.
The grain companies haven't gotten squeezed
Hard enough but given time, and profit
incentive they will.
I noted the largest snack maker now wants
Non gmo. I think you'll see more. Right or
wrong, that's what they (consumers)
Want now.

Why are we not told, we are the bottom
Being worked over.
think of the huge joilt this would have on
agriculture business...need new equipment..
Big farms just couldn't operate....if you
Just had no till planter/drill and sprayer
Look at all the other steeps needed.
Elevators pushing for bigger and more,
Have to retool for crop segregation and
Smaller crops
Seed seed to sell.

As far as the "science " I'm afraid there is
Going to be a pull back. The new. Seed
applied seed insecticides are being looked
At very hard....we were told safe, put
On is now becomming
Eye opening....speculation is causing bee
it was only supposed to be in the soil
For a short time, new data showing several
years now.

Don't look forward to using the ole Liston
Cultivator/ulcer maker again....but its
Still out in the weeds and could be used.

Hey, where has our token organic tree fedish
Fellow James been in all this. Figured he
Would be in hog heaven.

Oh a slice of coconut cream pie would
Taste good now.

Carry on
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Re: gmo's.......are we wrong ?

Well elcheapo.......... 


I guess all it takes to trump scientific research and the work of several phd's are the keys to a minivan and a son.

My bet is,,,,,, it is a show for her kids and the other moms she runs with.  And when she gets home she will put her non GMO chips in a bowl, be proud, and have one of the steaks her husband is grilling in the back yard that came from one of our feedlots.


It's ok... she needs to decide what she buys and feeds her son.  But she is not qualified to determine what my son eats.  Stop pretending she is.  Every company in business will jump on a fad if it means profit.  And if she is willing to drop an extra $50 at the store for that warm fuzzy feeling, power to her.  But don't tell me it gives her the authority to tell 300 million others how to eat....


Finally ask yourself, How much of the 14 billion bushels or corn raised this year goes directly to the grocery shelf.  It is a very small share.  If that small part of the market is willing to pay for hand hoed unfertilized corn we will provide it.  But that is not what this is about........ Anti GMO whether it comes from our foreign competitors or the young minds influenced by hearsay is about power over our industry and something to worry about.  


We been growing, using, feeding, and eating gmo grains longer than most young housewifes have been alive.  With all of europe and our other competitors condemning the process, surely someone could find some real evidence to it's dangers by now.  Surely some Iowa dairyman can show us the lbs of milk lost to gmo feeding, or the lbs of gain per day lost.  We can find some carcinogin link to almost everything else.  what's our problem........


There is commercial chemistry going on daily all across the country some of which improves intercourse, rotts teeth, fills our prisons, is highly addictive and creates very nausius TV commercials for her son and husband to see over and over as they enjoy sports.  Some of this chemistry is a serious threat to the future of her children and yet GMO is her biggest concern.


Give me a break. 


Re: gmo's.......are we wrong ?

Cheapo, I agree. If the consumer wants non-gmo, that's what they want. If the consumer wants non-gmo labeling, what's wrong with giving them the information?? While it is likely misinformed, that is what they want. This said, all my seed purchases are gmo and gmo stacked. I still say that life would be simpler for me if they had never approved rr corn or cotton and left it for soybean use. I don't like it, but i can and  do have the ability to put insecticide on for rw control.

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Re: gmo's.......are we wrong ?

Quote from cheap-O  : Oh a slice of coconut cream pie would
Taste good now


Now my question -- Would you like that pie in Non OR Gmo - form ? Smiley Happy


As far as James - I heard he is fighting a bad case of salminila = from eating his non gmo food - Smiley Happy


Maybe a good way to nep the non gmo crowd in the bud would be to outlaw mini vans - just say'n'

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Re: gmo's.......are we wrong ?

Let me clarify that I have nothing against red meat or dairy products. Our household eats plenty of pork, beef, and chicken. We probably eat more pork than anything but usually have half a beef in the freezer every year too. Chicken is alright.

We also go thru almost 2 gallons of milk and 1.5 pounds of cheese a week to.

I just take issue with people talking about a subject that they really don't scientifically understand. It's all emotion for them based on what the media and special interest groups are feeding them.

And JR you told me what you didn't use for pesticides. You never told me what you did use. FYI our corn acres receive no glyphosate
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too close for comfort
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Re: gmo's.......are we wrong ?

She probably put her children at greater risk by not vacinating them because of some other misinformation.

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Re: gmo's.......are we wrong ?

My local supermarket can't keep enough "certified organic" chicken.  Friday night I think I spent $15 for about pack that weight 1.25 lbs.  Maybe the supply is not as plentiful.  I forget the brand...but to me it tastes it all in my head?  


Another nearby organic take out restaurant never has organic chicken is always sold out.  They charge $20 for a cooked half-chicken.  


I spent $46 on a 3 lb. slab of Filet Mignon from the butcher recently...don't know where it came from.  "Certified Organic" beef has not made the rounds in these parts as of yet...but I am sure the sticker shock will subside at some point and people will not mind spending $90 for the same 3 lb. slab in the near future.  

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Re: gmo's.......are we wrong ?

Ec I don't know about the pie. I think
Cornstarch is used as a thickener making
It. I guess given my druthers, id take
the non gmo.

I have herd several people say they can
taste the difference from "farm fresh"
Eggs and chickens, be it conventional or

There was a study several years ago, citing
Higher levels of bacteria on organic

On the other hand, there has been some
research questioning bt in corn. Several
On glyphos, also some on glyphos resistance

Hope our left wing friend feels better soon.
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Re: gmo's.......are we wrong ?

Not really a gmo issue, but the only things I've ever noticed a difference in are egg yolks, milk and sometimes fruit.  My farm eggs have more richly colored and flavorful yolks than what I buy at the grocery store, unless I spend more for "free-range" eggs.  As a kid, I really disliked "store-bought" milk -- it seemed really thin and watery compared to the skim milk we had from milking our own cow.  With the farm milk, you never wanted to empty the container (dirt settles to the bottom).  Could always tell the difference when Mom bought some milk.  Don't have a milk cow anymore, and have developed a taste for the "store" milk.  I know my own un-sprayed fruits from the backyard trees taste good, but not really much different than what I buy, and the fruit from the grocery is much higher quality, so less waste, and no worms and less trimming.  Sometimes my own fruit and veggies might taste a little richer, but it's because I'm not maximizing production -- they aren't irrigated so have less water content, are typically smaller, and thus just perhaps a little more concentrated flavor.  I rarely grow or buy sweet corn because I "taste-test" basically every variety of field corn I've planted (non-gmo, gmo, stacked, etc.), and nothing has ever made me ill.  Meat producers have regulated waiting periods for certain treatments or feed additives that require a specified length of time required between treatment and slaughter -- I know my own meat production is in compliance, and generally assume what I buy at the grocery is also.  I've known farmers who claim to be "organic", but some of them are not really "certified" nor "organic".  And, non-gmo production is produced essentially the same as gmo production, except that some of the non-gmo requires more chemical application -- personally, I'd rather consume some gmo production with less potential chemical use.

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