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going to need a new rain gauge

the one I got is becoming a high mileage unit...........


May was decent, tad wet


June was anywhere from 14-16 inches depending on farm, heck thats a swag, probably more as I quit counting it got so bad


July started off wet and dried a bit but still had 6-8 inches depending on farm


August to date, 2+ and next wave rolling thru, bet its 3+ by morning


Man thats a lot of water for summer around here, beans look good, corn has holes but will be pretty good


Within 40-50 miles as a crow flies there are corn and beans dieing from being too dry


Strange year in deed


FYI, KS isnt going to have a record year, lots of areas burning up, was surprised to see it that bad, thought things were better than that.  MO likely wont have a record either, but still very good


12.8B and 3.4B...........PEAK CORN

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Re: going to need a new rain gauge

If it's in the gauge MT I'll gladly trade you.  Mine's been rather dusty for over a month now.

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Re: going to need a new rain gauge

I need one that will track the morning dews as thats about all we get here anymore. Crops got hurt yesterday with no heat.
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