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Mark, ncIA
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Re: golden grain energies fiscal report.



Not much out there for handouts for a >60 mgy plant.


Looks like the only thing they're getting is some property tax breaks: 


Grants and Government Programs

We entered into an agreement with the Iowa Department of Economic Development for funding through the State of Iowa's Value-Added Agricultural Products and Processes Financial Assistance Program ("VAAPPFAP") in conjunction with our original plant construction. We repaid the remaining balance of this loan on December 15, 2010.

In December 2006, we received the first payment from our semi-annual economic development grants equal to the amount of the tax assessments imposed on our ethanol plant by Cerro Gordo County, the county in which our ethanol plant is located.
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Re: golden grain energies fiscal report.

Mark:  Thanks for the info.   Buck

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