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grain carryover and carryout

In reading about and listening to traders on TV I hear the terms used and evern by the same man sometime.  They seem to  mean the same thing to me.  Is there a difference?  I'm trying to learn .   Is there a good place to learn the terms  and process on the Internet? Thanks

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Re: grain carryover and carryout

carryout and carryover do mean the same thing quantitatively.


the terms would be used differently to fit into context of sentence....CARRYOVER to reference -from 1 year to the next. CARRYOUT -for just that singular year.


hope this helps. edit: ending stocks = carryout = carryin for next mktg yr.


this is a great place to learn all kinds of terms about the ag and ag-trading industry ------- fire away............most of us are happy to help.



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Re: grain carryover and carryout

Not that I've fond. Most will just try to make themselves feel smarter by making you feel stupid. At least in their eyes.