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Since you don't want to let it go

My point was simply that your rub, not the first one, was not useful.  I had no intent of defending any poster.  Artifice (aka Pritch) drives me nuts for the lack of command of the English language, at least in written form.  There are nuggets of truth in most all of the posts here - but the bickering tends to cover them.  Now, that said, I am done with the topic.  Pound sand, and best of luck with your crops this fall.

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Re: Since you don't want to let it go

Hi- Unfolding events? Yes Palouser, PRICE and excess speculation create set= ups for next moves. Index length exaggerates bulls moves and are followed by bigger bear moves. Some think we have deep troubles others see hurt crops but relative plentitude/


Yes the combo of Russia, Europe + crazed speculation exploded the mkt, Palouser  was right. myself wrong/  Russia halting exports is bearish =panic, then headline buyers

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