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i cant believe the media

is still talking the 4000k dead in Africa number.   Are they kidding!!  Fellas this thing is out of sight over there on mortality.  This is sort of like reading about the chinese officials in 2007 when they got PRRS. They would say 800 pigs had died in a village etc.  Come to find out 6 months later they are missing millions of pigs.    Its time to face the facts they are dieing like flies in africa where it is running.





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Re: i cant believe the media

Since the media isn't getting the message right to fit your agenda. I will gladly buy you a ticket so you can head over there and stay a few months. You know be our boots on the ground and scope things out.

Maybe stay until it's under control so we get the full scoop on the day to day

Just send us your daily reports via a thread or email

FYI. I'm only buying you a one way ticket.

It's sick you are using this to fit your agenda

It doesn't matter if it's 1 or 1M. It's horrible. it really doesn't matter how many. All I know is there is one fatality in the US and another case of infection. I am disappointed in our government officials on how they have handled this but what's new.

What I do know is I have taken note of its whereabouts and have taken precautions with our little part of the world

The more alarming things is this EDV68 deal. With kids running around, I am way more concerned about this thing than Ebola
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Re: i cant believe the media

What are your sources?


There have been various estimations as to the toll and how fast the disease can spread. There have been many outbreaks of Ebola in the past and all have been contained except this one due to many circumstances. Both Liberia and Sierra Leone were wracked by years of brutal war and are still trying to recover so it's understandable they have been caught short handed in domestic organizations and materials to contain the disease.


Nearby Nigeria had several deaths after travelers arrived with the disease, some transmission, one person who got away and traveled the length of the country was identified and located before he died of the disease. Nigeria stopped the disease in its tracks because the knowledge was available to organize the health care at the source. There is even an area within Sierra Leonne that has been fairly disease free because they organized quickly after a leader in the community led the way. The rest of the country did not get organized and medical resources are very few. One reason is that many healthcare workers left the country during the wars.


I can't fathom why you are trying to blow things out of proportion but it seems you don't have good information on the situation - bad as it may be in two very poor nations.

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Re: i cant believe the media

As Churchill said "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself" (think that is right).

We need to be somewhat calm.....
We have had some scares the last few days.
Boston tested, Atlanta tested, kansas city
Currently testing.

Yes the new case is somewhat a puzzle.
More than likely the problem was getting
Out of the suit.
Two things done differently, may have caused
Problem. First he was intubated, and therefore more than Llikly placed on
Ventilation, not that "big of a deal"
The later is more difficult, hemodialysis.
in this process the blood leaves the body
Goes thru a filter (basicly against the flow
Of buffered, sterile water
Alot of chance to get blood on them.

There are 5 strains, some more virulent than
Others, and wider species infection.

It is important to remember flu season
Is around corner. More people die of the
Flu than e bola currently, and the flu
spreads more easy.

Almost perfect storm, flu season about
Here, many people will have early,

symptoms with e bola.

No need to panic........yet

As to becomming. Airborne ......not exactly.

A mask would stop. IF. So.

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Roosevelt said it at his inaugeration.

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