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north ia farmer
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I live near nia farmer and his reports are always wonderful, but this ain't as good as it looks. there are counties of wonderful looking corn here, but go a hundred yards or more into this fields and my opinion changed


You must of walk to that big wet spot in your field if you say these crop in north IA don't look good.I have spent many hrs walking my corn and soybeans and I would bet the farm that we will have as good or better than last year if we get a rain in the next 2 weeks.I forgot you had horse **bleep** crop last year also.

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Re: idalivered

NIA,  with your crop looking so good, do you think we see the new limits hit on the down side tomorrow?  If the report is bearish, we can drop a little faster now.


Last year the rally was just getting started about now.  But we weren't crashing the Dow, and we had blinders on about government debt. 


ET says any corn yield above 153 is not going to happen.  He was ahead of the game last August on his yields. 


The problem is, there is a giant in the room.  China.  Everytime I get bearish...there is still that giant.  I think we have 'moved' some old to new sales to make the supply chain work.   If we were looking at a fall like 2009, it would not have worked.

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Re: idalivered

north iowa.... you qualified your statement by saying" if we get rain in the next 2 weeks". Alot of the "big wet spots" you speak of were set back by the wet may and june. Truthfully, i've been trying to bury tile in those for years. (they keep moving around tho.)
 I'm envious of the areas that have received the spotty showers. very timely. 2 weeks ago an area btween rake , thompson, and buffalo center got 2 inches. Talk about a million dollar rain! I did say soys look good. Most of my horse manure soys were good last year.

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Re: idalivered

Same old BS from you every year.  Your crop always looks fantastic we are heading for record yields, LDPs just around the corner, you were the only one smart enough to sell $7.00 corn in 2008 and none of the rest of us would ever have a chance at it again.  Blah, blah blah.  Might get me some new green paint or build the wife a house.  Bet you've done neither.  All blow and no go.

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