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if your not sure if its a bull or bear market..........

maybe its because its a cheetah market..............just think, those people probably paid good money, and traveled half way around the get to experience it 21 hours a day in your backyard............


the feeling of watching one of the most beautiful and free things in the world, yet not knowing if today is your day to get mauled...........all the while people surrounding you look on with delight............

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Re: if your not sure if its a bull or bear market..........

Much more than markets to scratch your head about.  Think about how this country elects presidents.  Mostly a popularity contest.


I know of more coaching positions that have to have more experience and a record to stand on that what we require for President.  Same for a CEO for a big company.  Is it any wonderwhat we get?    I think Obama has done as well as he could, considering putting him in that job was like hiring a guy out of college with no coaching/playing experience to take over a NFL team.  16 Trillion in debt and we didn't make ALL these elected officials co-sign on the loan--we need to make that a law. 


Markets don't have to make sense either, that is the factor that I seem to forget somedays.

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