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im building a time machine

Must going to storm, arthritis is going to
Town tonight, so up late. Had the TV on
For white noise hoping to fall asleep in
The lazy-boy.
Then came on time life of
The 70's....I closed my eyes and some of
The memories came back. I thought about
Ordering. After it was over, I felt worse.
Thinking how things have changed...
Back then many of us had hair. Alot of
Us run internationals....without cabs.
things so much simpler. We did not
have high priced seed.,..we could work
On our own equipment and vehicles and
save money....we had stores in town..
the inplemement dealers, you knew the
Owner....they were open Saturday afternoon.
If you needed a part on Sunday, wait till
1 pm in the summer, someone would
Be there, front door might be locked,
But the back door was proped open
With a a hurry to get to town
forgot problem, counter checks.
you didn't need farm plan, just wrote
It down, and a lady in the back hand
Entered and posted it.
Today at grain harvest, nothing but semi and
those stupid grain bunkers. I remember
Using pickups to haul wheat. Had to make
A thing from gunnysacks.with a board to
Stopwheat commingle out the endgate.
Was kind of fun riding up in the pickup
When it was raised up in an elevator.

We didn't have funds driving the markets
Nuts. The man at the elevator was honest.

I know some things are better now, like
medicine, other than that......
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Senior Advisor

Re: im building a time machine

Excellent post cheapo, I agree with what you said about the changing times.


Hope your aches and pains are a true sign of moisture to come, just hate to hear they're causing you grief.  If it starts to rain, crack open a window.  Sleep during the relaxing sound of gentle rain works better for me than any music ever could.

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Re: im building a time machine

I remember farm diesel being under .50 gallon and nat gas being much cheaper. Let things idle more than now. Some things have changed for the better but a lot have not. Costs are crazy anymore. Baling hay keeping me up.
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Re: im building a time machine

Boy what a trip down memory lane cheap-O  , lol Very good post !

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Re: im building a time machine

I.m sorry guys the only reason I would like to go back in time  is that I'd be a teenager with out a care in the world as far as the farming goes I like cabs and the rest of the creature comforts we have now. While seed is overpriced there is a reason for it.  I don't want to go back making countless trips across the fields appling preplant chemical then cultivating rows. While fuel was cheap adding up all those trips was a guys fuel cost per acre less then it is now?

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Re: im building a time machine

I.m sorry guys the only reason I would like to go back in time  is that I'd be a teenager with out a care in the world


Amen NDF - lol   I to love my Cabs and A/C and Radio , lol

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Re: im building a time machine



I attended a wedding yesterday.  Very much a modern day affair of a young-- upper 30's bride and groom ---- first marriage for both.

Bride and family very close friends of our family.  Her dad and I have been sharing ideas since before we had any.  As close to a sister to my older son (same age) as you can get.

It is easy to be uncomfortable in the current climate ------ like in this case both worked on careers first though they have dated since HS. 

Her class in HS nearly made it a reunion -------- I think there were at least 11 there for the special occasion --- class of 1995.  A close group and stays connected.

Well the nerves and uneasiness for me ended when the new couple got ready to leave.  A "boy" from the grooms class(1993??) had wired the horn to the brake pedal on the grooms car.  And a "girl" from her class had s-a-v-e-d a dirty diaper for under passenger seat storage.


Suddenly  there was still hope for the world.

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Re: im building a time machine

Cabs...AC... radio....on a tractor ????? You got too be kidding me!!! I suppose next in will be auto steer or some fancy monitoring system......where will it end ????? How will get too complain about the  hard work and long hours?? lol


  Another 1 1/2" rain over nite...PP here we come on the remaining acres.



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Re: im building a time machine

I think I miss the service at the point of sale and after the sale most today.  Back in 1977 we had 9 different dealerships withing 15 miles from my farm.  Today there are only three left and I don't have a clue to owns one of them and I doubt if they even care if I exist.  Used to walk into a store and be greated by name by most of the clerks but those stores are all gone now.  Today the Mart has everything if you like to park and walk a mile to get it.  Of course it is cheaper priced if you by jumbo size and they have 26 cash registers but only two are open on any given day.  Lot more small independent farmers back then and while you had a few who wanted to farm the whole township, most were not trying to farm the world.  Soon it will all be just a different memory of life that few know today or care about.  Sigh- it was very different back then, some things worse but many things better.

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Re: im building a time machine


I often want to say "Will you please try to set the sieves and clean the grain tank as well as you set and clean the monitor on that machine" ------ but then I realize how dated that makes me. -------- and how hard it is to set those things on the "modern" machines pushing triple the product through


Times change--- but the requirement of "enjoyment of your work" does not.  It is still work if you don't like it.

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