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Re: it could have came here

Where you going to the gulf coast to get your farm fuel ---

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Re: it could have came here

I agree Hobby. But it costs something to pump the gas back into the ground and store it so the companies don't do it. To some degree it would make sense to build a manifold and pump the gas from groups of wells into the ground for storage. Might help keep pressure up for oil extraction too. But no doubt complicated w/o a lot of cooperation in planning.

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Re: it could have came here

What is actually lost is public tax income of having the transport happen in the US.

Many do not realize what a few gas transmission lines and oil lines do for the local tax base.  

It is pretty sweet when 40+% of a county tax base is paid by energy companies.  But these days its popular to say.  Noooo don't let them come here we want higher property taxes on our homes.  🙂

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