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just think'n

I have been hearing how Russia has been
getting testy with the LP/natural gas.

Got just one idea.....alternative energy!

Has anyone there thought about it?

We learned a few years ago, and we
Are adding it to the mix.

I was surprised how much solar pannels
Have went down to 69 cents a Watt (real goods). Making my solar pasture pump
Project cheaper.

Now for something off the wall, which is
Impacting us rural groups.

Today we put on a "private" funeral dinner
For a fellow in the community. Like most
Places, you are invited after the services
To come eat.
The is all sorts of food.
Well we are next door to a county with
60,000 people. One of the ladies had a
Copy of a letter all the church's go from
Their hyperactive health department.

They are now subject to unannounced inspection. You can no longer have home
Made salads, etc. If you want potato salad
You have to buy it.
Cakes and rolls are ok due to been baked. must have tongs.......remember
Taking a handful of potato from the bowl,
no more...must have tongs.
remember devialled eggs? ??
That is on the no no list.

Explain to me....a private get together, no
Money exchanging hands, and all is donated
Or given for free...the health department
Has a raid.

I guess I'm getting to old to figure it out,
And someone going to have to explain
It to me.

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