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key market date

It used to be that July 4 was one of the
key dates is many market plans
By then you used to somewhat have
A good idea where things were.

By then the corn would be well along.
corn would start tassel and we.would
Have the forecast that if pollination
Would be good, or hot and dry or
Overly wet.

Well kids, where are we at?

It used to be if it looked good. Might
Be time to lock in some.prices.

If not, you basically do nothing.

So, do we hold'em or fold'em. ?

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Re: key market date

you may be answering part of it already...if corn's not "well along" and things are "overly wet" on Jul 4th???



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Re: key market date

Get protection. I like puts. I'm storing corn in the field til next spring I'm not doing high moisture this fall not one bushel
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Re: key market date



It is the most immature corn crop I have ever seen on the 4 th of July.  We are normally tasseled by now and few of our fields are there.  And we have used a lot of water to get this far.