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lawsuit on lost corn ?

what are your thoughts on this lawsuit? i have not signed up ,maybe to late still dont know if i will but what does everyone think , will we get anything? and how many years will it take?  thanks for any thoughts.

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Re: lawsuit on lost corn ?

I have gotten letters from 3 different law outfits. The last one did have their fee-- the got 38% of what I got if they won. My question is who is the lead legal team And what do they get?

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BA Deere
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Re: lawsuit on lost corn ?

I went to a meeting last spring and everyone there signed up on the spot except me and a guy that thought their 40% fee was too much.  Just in my opinion, I don`t think Syngenta cost us that much per bushel, I think China used it as an excuse to get out of contracts that they hoped to buy back later cheaper.  Have you seen the crap they eat in China and they are feign worried about corn?  gimmeee a break!


Although the lawyer at the meeting told me it`s 'highly unlikely that Syngenta would counter sue their farmer customers" that is a concern and if they were bankrupt with nothing to lose, everyone signing the dotted line may have to fork out money to defend themselves, I doubt if lawyers would defend a counter suit in on the deal.


Plus, from what I understand you have to disclose personal financial information once the suit gets rolling, well that would become public information.  Maybe that would be a concern or maybe not.  But I can`t sue Syngenta with clear conscience, but some feel that they have been wronged and that is their decision.   If a year from now, all those that sued get a fat check and are all driving new pickups...well I`ll be kicking myself  😉

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Re: lawsuit on lost corn ?

First off - Ken don't think that the EPA or USDA should approve any genetics if it had not been approved by the foreign country's - But one thing that I haven't read - or I missed it was How did that corn get shipped out of the country in the first place ??? Ken thinks that the exporters got GREEDY and blended some of it in - yes - on purpose -  There were signs on the door at our local elevator that said it would not take it .  Somebody got stuck with some and moved it on down the road , plain and simple -   Syngenta Was wrong to put it out - yet I don't thing they are totally to blame either -


And BA - your 100% right - it played right into China's hands , I bet I have recieved 20 - 25 of them law suit letters - All went to the burn pile , lol 

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Re: lawsuit on lost corn ?

Isn't China trying to buy Syngenta now they are forward thinkers.

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Re: lawsuit on lost corn ?

cheaper than stealing technology........if you do the legal prep...

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Red Steele
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Lawsuits in general

Learned at college and in experience that a couple of lawyers can make a lot of mischief and the goal of a good life is to minimize your proximity to lawyers. Dated a few attornies, and never look back and say "what if" about them. Actually don't say that about any other woman other than my


From what I understand, this Syngenta thing may change into a class action lawsuit where everyone that grew corn is automatically a part of it , if they choose to sign up eventually. If that happens, and its a new pickup truck, sure, count me in...but more likely its gonna be some free crappy seed that you don't want to plant anyways. Wasn't born yesterday and have seen these "settlements" before.


I don't feel that I got harmed by Syngenta on the deal, and am not going to actively pursue a claim. I have seen it where legal fees come back to bite you, and some neighbors got on the wrong end of a lawsuit and each had to pony up about $50,000 even as the lawsuit was dropped.


Not to say that all legal expense is do need good real estate attorniers, you need good estate planning, and you do need to have the ability to sue and defend yourself in business dealings.


Just doesn't make sense to go looking for trouble if you don't have to.

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