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Re: less demand....putin stops all u.s. ag imports

Ate supper with a friend we hire from Ukraine.  He said a ban on imports of food hurts Russian people a lot.  They have many poor and any rise in price or shortage hurts.

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Keep in mind .......

....... this also means more expensive and/or lower quality chickens (or no chickens) for the Russian consumer.


Leaders have been overthrown over chickens (or the protein of choice) when they disappear from the market.

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Re: Keep in mind .......

Nearly a 20 cent rally in wheat yesterday, with some commentators saying it was because of the Russian import restrictions.  How is the Putin ban on imports of food bullish for wheat?   I cannot see it.  Perhaps the sitation over there could lead to disruption in trade, but I can't see the import ban by itself being positive for prices.

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