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little of this and that.....

Likely start hearing more yields starting this week.......I am amazed at the amount of corn still in the field........finished Friday AM as the rain rolled in.......last few loads the moisture was single did the yields......

Saw a tweet out of IA of corn being chopped on 200 bu ground adjusted in the 60's.......ears are falling off........another report outta NWIA of corn running 100 to 140, not bad but that's a garden spot, ouch......still holding out for a 10B crop, but I think its hard to be short this crop thus prices have to be supported......

Lotta soya turning, be interesting to see if the market believes it helped.......china is still buying.....talked to a gal from argentina last week......said they have gotten some good moisture in her area and planting will start in about 4 weeks......talked to a guy who's brother is in ukraine in ag and was I reminded just how fragile the infastructure and governments are in areas outside the certainly keeps it interesting on the world stage........

Heard on the news or some TV media outlet the other day talking about high gas prices.........and labor day travels.......they then went on to blame ethanol for part of the increase because of the drought and corn prices.........can't f-ing win for losing........part of me wishes some of these social talking heads would get shut off from their fuel and food completely.......those dip wads wouldn't have a clue how to survive.......

Toying with the idea of cover crops, some wheat acres and VRT planting for 2013..........

Sounds like the DEMS are trying not to self destruct........I mean hanging your hat on capturing bin laden when that mission started under another president.........and then calling ryan a nazi.......they are really reaching........the big question these days are whether we are better off after 3.5 years.......maybe we could find that lady on utube and ask her if she has had to worry about putting gas in her car or paying her mortgage......and before you go off on me gio.......the fact this is an election year is very important on several monetary policies that could really rock all markets and currencies.......

I hope this heat is gone soon........its getting annoying, been hot since March, ready for some cool temps and a thanksgiving snow.......
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Re: little of this and that.....

tonight's open didn't look like the market thougth rains helped beans at all...........rather strong up posting a new all time high once again



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Red Steele
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Re: little of this and that.....

Just got done baling my ditiches and I got 20 big bales for every 50 I had last year.....that doesn't bode well for the corn and beans, but we will find out soon.


No rain to speak of to finish the soybeans, I think the beans are going to turn out to be bb's.


I thought beans would go up tonight and maybe the real fireworks are yet to come.


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JRfrom OR
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Re: little of this and that.....

No matter who wins this election, the result will be the same, it's just a matter of how fast we crash.  The system is completely unsustainable on just about every level. 


Entitlements, where you going to cut, talk is cheap, are you going to cut off those who have lost their jobs to globalization?  Or what about that $500k heart procedure your mother needs, paid by the Gov.  and your balooning health ins. costs. Or what about SS,  Boomers retiring at a rate of 10,000 per day.  They paid in, they're broke, they've been paying 15% of income into the scheme, they believe they've got something coming.


Or energy,  Most likely real cost of gas at the pump, add about 10 bucks a gallon to pay for the armed guards.  But of course we haven't wanted to pay that so we pass it on to the kids.  So what would happen to the US economy if we somehow had to pay as we go?


Or what about who runs this country, corporate interests. Who can get elected without big corp. Campaign money buying influence.  But it doesn't matter anyway because there is too much of a voting block that votes absolutely their own interests, but even that doesn't matter because of the numbers of the numbminded population that  votes the sign bites.


I could go on, but the country is in deep trouble after decades of living beyond our means, and that lifestyle, is coming to an end.  We've painted ourselves into such a tight corner there is very little room to move for anyone, it doesn't matter much who is in charge. 


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Re: little of this and that.....

Planning is undrway to implement the across the board sequestration budget cuts negotiated. Last year. Theses cuts will affect everyone as every dep,artmen

T will need tocut the same percentage . A friend who works for a defense contractor was notified Friday to expect layoffs inNovember. I can't see congress being able to avoid this. 


(I hate typing on my iPad)

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