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lotto play

Buying a passel of SX 1020 puts at .06.


Can't help myself, bean yield is going to be a very large record.


Don't know if they'll show it all this month, also don't know what beans will do if corn # is bullish.


But excellent risk/reward, imho. h

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Re:Won't matter, doubt Brazil will produce

6 cents is not much to lose, that's perhaps the ONLY good thing about that position.  MO.


Pretty bullish beans here ( generally am though so perhaps a bad source ).


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Re: lotto play

Lots of bushels lost since October 1st, bean moisture's starting with an 8 today.  Only 60 cents from the highs during the harvest of this "monster crop",  You may be right H, but if it doesn't break now will it?

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Re: lotto play

Why not buy some corn calls?  If corn is very bullish soybeans shouldn't see too much pressure down.

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