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Senior Advisor

Re: mad as an ole wet hen

That ain't no still, that's just an evaporator


I'll have you KNOW - sw - THAT I got that off the INTER-NET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND you know that it had to be the truth ! Now my FRIEND ---- Where does it SAY -- Anything about it be 'N' a evaporator ?????????????  Just say'n' here  Smiley Very Happy


Yeah - elcheapo - I'm pretty sure that the eff's have - lets say - tried them out before shipping = quality control !

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Honored Advisor

Re: mad as an ole wet hen

oooooooohhhhhhhhh kay       I'll giv yer thats onnnes....


And if your a california winery and wants to be a distilllery it may get yall there in a few generations.


But if your in a dry state with lots of grain sitting around,  I don't think that contraption is gonna float your boat.  No matter how much down hill it is to get to you real consumers...:)  just saying...


If I cant raise marajuana for colorado or spirits for missouri,,,,,, exports are gonna come in a little under projections ............


that's projections.............. projections      No guessing done in an important investment such as this here....


Call China and ask for some of that copper back...... We got a building project of our own to work on... 🙂


We will put up a sign and call it a Helium Plant....   Get shaggy to keep the juices flowing....... so to speak.......don't ya know.

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