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market impact question

do you believe we need to export our commodities


do you believe we need a trade agreement with other countries ?


as a side note


do you belong to any agriculture or commodity group or association ?


are agriculture or commodity groups good or bad ?


thank you





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BA Deere
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Re: market impact question

Yes, if we are going to produce the crops that we have, then we will have to export.  But be aware most of the time it will be UNDER most grower`s cost of production.


We do not need trade agreements that a multilateral, that is where things nothing to do with trade are snuck warming crap, gun control crap, immigration obligation crap.  Let fricken Cargil go over "there" and trade their brains out...make their own deals to their hearts content, so long as the country isn`t a banned country, let them make their own deals.


I`m a bigshot in the Farm Bureau and I don`t always agree with them, but I respect them enough that I will not undermine them, I have my own thoughts on matters.  But the Farm Bureau is great asside from their giving away the store on world trade just to raise the price of corn a nickel, that and their love for stinky cafos.

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Re: market impact question

Elcheapo, maybe you have missed one little thing.


No bad agreement.


All these countries that need/want ag commodities have been buying freely from us.


Wow amazing isn't it?

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