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Hi Mike, could you settle an argument for us, I say that 52% of the corn is raised west of Des Moines Iowa, my dad says no. Could you find out for me. A slab of humble pie is at stake. If this is true and according to your Feese Notis this could be significate. I do not think we will see those 10 million acres that everyone was hoping for back a few month ago. Looks kinda like new highs coming just around the corner.

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Re: marketeye

I don't know for sure. But, you might want to start looking for a fork.


I do know that the best yields in Iowa, historically, come from land east of I-35 and north of I-80. But, I will do some digging for you. By the way, I've had the humble flavor before. Though I don't prefer it, it does contain some ingredients that are good for you. Smiley Wink



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Re: marketeye

Ever hear anything on cotton---- for the huge drop in the last 30 days ?

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