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Re: mike florez on usfr

uhh - ohhh, there's a big D3 (extreme drought) question mark over northwest KA/southwest NE --mother nature is gonna keep us on pins and needles for that area: current week blow up for cntrl plains:



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Re: mike florez on usfr

Iowa is dry too guys, we had a dry fall and so far pretty much open winter and colder than the dickens. Big cracks in the ground, tile hasn`t had any need to run. But one thing about Iowa, you never complain about being too dry, cause you`re always "just a couple days away from a flood".



Oh yeah on USFR, John Phipps was saying something about `if the government had withholding taxes on our grain checks....` I didn`t think he was advocating it, but that would be interesting.  I guess you could just not have the gov withhold so much and just basically be back where you are now.  Smiley Happy

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Re: mike florez on usfr

Answer me this please

With our crop insur, if we have back to back, lower yields, our coverage goes down, as we have a lower crop average

Same with good crops our coverage goes up. Thus we work on the average yield, for crop insur. coverage

Think this would be similiar to your APH or whole farm income, maybe Acre-not sure what all choices you have

No matter, how can a person continue to crop

 if the coverage keeps on getting less, due to less crop produced, with back to back to back yrs. of drought

I understand crop insur coverage must be an average of past yrs

So: at some time, doesn't your average APH get lower

So: how can you crop and keep collecting crop insur. on a reducing amount of production

I am curious to know how people can keep on cropping and collecting isur. checks

When you have back to back to back crop failures, like I am told is happening in Texas, and now maybe other places

I keep hearig about planting and collecting the insur. check,even when or if drought happens,yr. after yr. after yr..

Doesn't that lower the average yield and thus the possible insur. check

Would that make some crops, in some places not worth planting due to crop insur. being so low pay back

At least until drought is gone and crops can yield, once again

Must be some kind of limit, or else the desert would be row cropped and collect crop insur

Just trying to learn your crop insur. cause our crop insur. does not work for me

I grow corn with no crop insur and have for 45 plus yr. It don't pay me to pay the premim

I have had all the usual crop disasters anybody would expect

My farm is very similiar to average of Michigan and Ohio weather and seasons


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Re: mike florez on usfr

      wglassfo ,I do not think honest farmers can keep on collecting ins. payments yr. ater yr. Money rent has made it more difficult to catch  fraud  , but not impossible. A group of farmers met with  R.M.A. last Feb.. in Washington DC. to discuss this problem which is very rampant in tobacco coverage as well as grain farming.

       We have a land improvement business as well as farming operation, and went to build a lake on a farm in a bean field , there were beans that were not thrashed from the previous season and green beans mixed in with them,this was in August. I asked the lady who owned the farm if the guy did not harvest last fall and she said that there had not been a combine on that farm for 3 yrs! This same guy was letting the beans pop out and seed the next years crop. This guy is still farming to this day. He is known as the insurance farmer ,approx.7500 acres, and we have to compete with him and guys like him. 


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