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milo vs wheat

The difference between Milo and wheat
at the elevator was 29 cents

Maybe good my dad gone, he would
Not understand it.

For that matter neither do I

Adjuster will be here in a few days
to zero out some wheat.

Sorry. Every thing I have looked at
shows quite a different picture . I can't
Believe Chicago can make such a farce
Of the market. It shows no respect for
Those that work so hard, and invest,
So the the country, can have food
To eat.

They should be ashamed of themselves
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Re: milo vs wheat

Maybe what the market is telling you is they have a market for your milo so they are encouraging you to plant more.   If the market simply plants more of the stuff we have too much of and not enough of the stuff we need the prices will continue to try and change behavior.  

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Re: milo vs wheat

Sorry, I view this as a paper problem iin Chicago.  This same discussion has been ongoing the last year or so.


The idea that it is a simple market and is as it was years ago, based on supplies and fundmentals, is long gone.


Wheat is a human food product, milo is usually not considered so, since most we have is not white milo, which


is prefered for humans..



if you can tell me  with a stright face that we have too much wheat, when for the past several years the crop was a failure

in t..he united states, probelms with sww in the pacific nw, much of  french wheat was damaged last year and was

considered feed grade, there have  been losses in india.  Any number of things, plus we have seen how the usdda

has made mistakes in their numbers.


well all know that chicago is no longer a "board of trade", but a market place to try to make money, and is close to no

use to producers.



look at all the commodities, and tell me what the "market" is saying.  it makes no sence to me.


prices close to  break even.  If what you believe is true, the market is saying we need nothing, do not produce, we have to think what would happen, if we followed their advice and did what they to figure

out what stuff would cost then ?


sorry to jump down your throat, but i am getting tired of this BS.  the claim that this is a freee market that is sun by supply

and demand, is now a lie.  we are supposed to have protection from this, when the market is skewed, there are

agencies that are supposed to step in.


where are they now ?


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