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monthly continuation 2008 versus 2014

From the summer high of 7.65 and 16.63 in 2008  to post harvest lows of 2.90 and 776 corn fell 4.75 and beans fell 8.87.The summer highs this year were 7.30 and 15.36

If they fall the same amount corn will be 2.55 and beans 6.70 by this winter,and that is just the front futures price,add in a rotten basis and corn burning stoves will be flying off the shelves by Christmas. 

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Re: monthly continuation 2008 versus 2014

an unreasonable analogy for beans - absolute low = 900 (based on initial H &S) - got to consider 2012 as the swing...and in using that swing projection we actually have surpassed it @ 1024

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