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more handwritting on the wall

Hersey has announced they are moving away from beet sugar, in favor for cane sugar...reason, sugar beets are now gmo,

and they, as a company (and to make their city customers.....and some small town customers) more happy, getting back

to "natural".........


i think this is becomming a marketing issue........the market is telling us, for consumer goods, they want to get to non-gmo.


Please, let's not open if it's good or bad, the painful truth is, that the customers view it as bad.........and remember.....


the customers are always right (the way they spend their money)'s a issue that is "just plain wrong".....the


seed and chemical companies are leaving it up to us (farmers) to protect them and their income.  They tell us there


is nothing wrong, now keep buying my high priced seed and chemical......rather, if they truly cared about their customers


(the farmers)...they would be comming out with better non-gmo products.


so lets' review:


hersey doesn't want it

nestle doesn't want it

freto-lay doesn't want it

wal-mart doesn't want it


do you see a trend ?


the moonshine makers don't care yet, and most livestock feeders don't care either......and as far as exports, i am surprised

we are not hearing too much resistance to gmo......i think that is an europe issue.....most of our exports for

alot of our ag products seem to be either middle eastern, or poor countys, so to speak, which have not "evolved" yet

they are more worried about feeding the people, more than if what they feed them have long term health issues.


i think we must face is viewed as bad......out outside and kick the tires on the tractor and yell, and cuss,

but the bottom line is this.......more and more demand for gmo......oh so you think you can't make as much doing

non-gmo's.........hello.......the consumers could care less.


so at the edge of a new year.......maybe one thing in marketing and operations is to look at non-gmo's for the comming

year.....the disjuction tho.....yes, they don't want gmo's, but currently not a good segregation program available, which

is needed to capture a premium, if there is any.  our current grain system is mixed.  maybe what we need

is a coop (did i say that....and no i haven't got into the new years cheer.....yet), that would do non-gmo crops.


for some of you, don't blow a gasket.....non-gmo is not the same as organic......yes, alot of premium to capture with

organic (right our friend from oregon), but that is a whole new can of worms......

but......if organic was double the price......but production was about half......are we doing better or not ?


alot to think about........




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Re: more handwritting on the wall

Had a neighbor avg  $ 10.50  on his  140 bu  dry land organic corn - lots of folks now '' AREN'T ''  laughing at him --- 

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Re: more handwritting on the wall

it is cheap advertising.....    Hershey will continue to contribute their part to diabetes and obesity with an air of rightousness...


It will get printed over and over ,,, and right or wrong it is free.  A disclaimer will fix any lack of truth.


,,,,,, it might take a few lies and some support of the anti science/ anti education crowd to break the grip of the big chemical corps on agriculture.  Fair trade and monopoly laws aren't gonna do it.


But mostly it is hot air.  None of those four are going to change the future.




BA Deere
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Re: more handwritting on the wall

Well, we need to think of our sugar cane producers in Flo rida, they need a market for their crops too.  🙂

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Re: more handwritting on the wall

Thanks for posting that up BA - But -- HAte to admit this - Had not a clue on sugar cane - I just thought it came from the super market - Smiley Very Happy No , very interesting


And another thing I hate to admit - But my 2 sisters have fell off the wagon !!!!!!!!!!!!  One don't surprise me but my youngest - not that one was a real head shaker  - Never , Never thought in my wildest dream that she would - God I hate to say this on the web -  Oh He11 - might as well get it out of my system - Here's what happened - One moved to Oregon then to CA - this is where she got on the wrong track - she would come home then have to listen to this CA way of eating - I would stave out there is all I know - But then she moved back to Indy and corrupted our little sister ! I should have seen that one coming - maybe I could have saved her - 


This year - they had to have Christmas at mom and dads on the 23rd - Last year we put on the feed - so this year she said the to girls would do it - that's fair - I guess - but she did not make a home made meal like we did - she got one of them store brought meals - which for the most part , was pretty good - it came with a green bean casserole - she told them to leave that off and she would make her own - this is where it went DOWN hill quick !


So now its time to eat - I love my wife's casserole - and was skeptical on  store brought type - I did not know at the time it was not store brought and that my sister had mde it - It was just like I thought it would be - It was terrible !  I was like a little kid - pick one and hold my nose and TRY and get it down - After 2 bits - ole Ken was done with that crap - but another word would say it better !   I was about to say - I would call that store and tell them just how bad the casserole was when my sister said - didn't you like my beans ? Did I her her right ? Her beans ???? Damit - good thing I didn't say anything ! I thought ! It was just not me - mom , dad , my wife , me , and the 2 nieces didn't either - lmao -


The problem with them was she made them with fresh green beans - no problem if you cook them !!!  Well Ken is not smart enough to keep his mouth shut and I had to ask if she even cooked them ???  She said not very long as it would cook out all of the nutrients - -  She wasn't kidding - just go out and snap off the ends and then eat one - thats what they were like !- The great beans cook for hours and hours - little brown sugar - beacon = heaven . After I got the band wagon rolling then everybody else jumped in - I was afraid she was going to get POed - She said all her friends eat them that way and tell her they are the best = city people - the caper was when my wife told her -- that Ken always says that if it's healthy to eat then it tastes like --it - lol 


Not what do's this have to do with this tread -  Every thing that we raise is un- healthy for them to eat - they need organic - no gmo's no chemicals - - It all they hear on the TV and TVshows - we are bad people you know and raise poison foods for them and kids .


As for me - I guess I will only make to 70 instead of 110 like they will LMAO - But at least I will remember ( I hope ) what I did eat - Smiley Happy


Re: more handwritting on the wall

LOL  About 35 years ago- Oh Crap I'm old- mom and dad and us newlyweds went to Flo Rida and Mom wanted to go to this fancy eatin' joint. They really put on a show. The servers had the menu memorized and they kinda sang it to you ( I guess that's high class)...anyway when they brought the meal they forgot to cook the green beans and being the redneck I am I called the alternative lifestyle waiter over and asked him if he could bring me over something that had been cooked. Mom got pissssssed at me. Told me I was acting like a redneck. Well Yeah!


Will always remember that little outing.

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Re: more handwritting on the wall

90 percent or more of all corn and beans are gmo. Papaya is gmo. Without it, papayas might be extinct. Much of the public has no clue about that. Yet they use them.  Oranges face a dire threat from a serious disease if they decide to forgo use of a solution found that requires use of a gmo platform. 


Sometimes, the handwriting on the wall is just a bunch of incoherent scribbling. 

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Re: more handwritting on the wall

"Sometimes, the handwriting on the wall is just a bunch of incoherent scribbling"


That should qualify as a quote of the year. 

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Re: more handwritting on the wall

WCMO - I have to agree with yeah - good one Smokey

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Re: more handwritting on the wall

The thing that gets me is more and more are wanting
Non gmo...where are they getting it from. I know
Of no elevators around that is separated
Reminds me of several years back we were all
Going to white wheat, and how the local elevators
Had big plan to keep everything separated
Boy, they thought they were cutting a fat hog

Haven't seen a thing about it for years.

I know our organic fellow here gives reports of good
Sounding prices....but what if become main stream ?

If we doubled production, which in the grand scale
Of things are a "very few acres".... If production
Doubled would prices be cut in half ?

What would happen if we all switched...would prices be much better than now....and how many bu
We have to sell with no fert to be used on crop.

Just trying to figure all the scribbles on the wall.
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