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Re: new yield #

Shaggy...I like the way you think!! Just keep improving your own yields and you can set a new record every year. It always seems to me the real yields to watch are local. In this short season area 80 to 87 and sometimes 90 day corn is the norm. Heavy wet , cold clay soils can cause delays in planting and make a short season even shorter.


 Just the way I see it in my backyard !!!   John

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Re: new yield #

My brother and I do a crop share, being the land owner my input is close to fixed.  Being the operator his input is much more variable.  So we always argue because I want to see yield increase every year, he wants to see net return increase every year.  Makes for some great conversations (some call these arguments, but I won't because he always provides the spirits Smiley Happy). 


We always agree on one thing in the end: the more money you make, the more I make and neither one of us will go broke!!