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Re: perfect example of what they do to bears on NAT

It's all about respect and laughing at someone's opinion does not show respect and in showing no respect you will in kind deserve no respect.
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Re: no bad yields seen on the pofarm tour

I agree that they show no respect
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Re: no bad yields seen on the pofarm tour

Time, no question you are a really sharp guy when it comes to using the markets to lock in profits and I have learned a lot from your posts through the years, but I would challenge you to think again through some of your theology as I know you do actually claim to care about such things.  You are right that God had an amazing plan for how He created the world and all that is in it, but the God of the Christian faith doesn't need something so unproven and silly as Darwinian Macro-evolution to accomplish such things.  It makes far more sense to simply just accept and believe what He has always told us in the Bible, that He simply spoke the universe into existence out of nothing over the course of six-days.  If we don't think that God is really big enough and powerful enough to do what He said He did, then what kind of a God is He really, but simply one of our own imagination and making.  We are not free to make up the rules or define the terms.  Only God is.  We are also not free or smart enough to think our words and thoughts carry more weight than God's.  Better stick with the simple, but clear message of the Bible as written.  It will still be standing when all else has failed.  I understand and accept your humor in regard to the nature of man, but praise God we are not simply just another beast, but rather a very special and unique creation of an infinite and loving God.  If we don't believe this to be the case, then we have no foundation from which to oppose most of the human injustice in the world today that I know you would say you oppose like abortion, euthanasia, human trafficking etc.  Just some things to consider.

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Re: no bad yields seen on the pofarm tour

Excellent thoughts Farmer Deere. 


Like everything in life, as our experience grows and knowledge deepens, our conclusions can change. This is a kind of mental evolution I suppose and I certainly continue to evolve, or some might argue disolve.Smiley Wink. Since neither of us will know the perfect truth until after death, I was merely pointing out that nothing in modern "settled science" contradicts my faith, actually I find all of modern science confirms my faith. You can't have a big bang without one heck of a kick of energy from God. I view your interpretation about the same as mine, it was created and did not create itself. The details are not meant to be known to man. The creation story was written by man using the best technology, knowledge, and language available at the time. This does not make it less valid, rather moreso. All of the bible was written, or transposed from oral accounts, a long time ago making any modern interpretation difficult.


I love listening to a catholic scripture scholar explain a verse and put it into historical context. The best one is one of Christ's last sayings on the cross, "Why have thou foresaken me?"...instead of questioning God as many think, this is the first verse of Psalm 22 written by David centuries earlier about Christ's death, which starts with these words, and ends triumphantly...exactly opposite of what many would think just hearing it.  It is entirely possible that the faithful, hearing Christ entone the verse, would have completed the psalm in unison at the base of the cross.


Thank you for your thoughts. 

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Re: no bad yields seen on the pofarm tour

Ken,  Modern science in some cases is manipulated and not science!  Especially when it comes to historical science in comparison to observational science!  I have noticed and realized how much work and study you have put into marketing especially the x axis.  I believe if you put some work and study into the Genesis creation you would come to the conclusion of 6 literal days for creation.  One web site that helps is


One question, If God used evolution to create, how can you have death and destruction before man's original sin?