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no corn to mexico

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Re: no corn to mexico

Did you read the story. Did you check for accuracy of content. A hint, does anyone buyer purchase 25% of our corn.

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Re: no corn to mexico

Mexico is currently our largest corn export customer


they do take over 25% of our total corn exports


something greater than 500 myn bushels per year

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Re: no corn to mexico

The only question I had was Japan was quoted
As big buyer, but I would say china.
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Re: no corn to mexico

In the 2014/2015 crop marketing year, (Sept. 1- Aug. 31) the United States grew nearly 14.2 billion bushels (360 million metric tons) of corn and roughly 13 percent of production was exported to more than 100 different countries.  Japan (26 percent), Mexico (23 percent) and Colombia (9 percent) made up the top three of U.S. corn destinations.



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Re: no corn to mexico


 I didn't need to put in a lot of research ......


While Ray Jenkins contiinues to give us the truth...... CNN continues to lie out of their teeth......


"Mexico bought nearly 25% of all U.S. corn last year, totaling $2.6 billion."

Lets see at 3.75 per bushel.  --2.6billion$$  buys you 693.33million bushels.  That is 4.952 % of the US Corn last year.  If the exporter takes no profit.   liakmf is absolutely hinting us in the right direction... CNN fraudulantly miss states their lack of truth.


elcheapo........ china buys soybeans..... we don't export much corn to them,,,,, wow our marketing is slipping....   we export corn as corn, beef, pork, corn sweeteners, ethanol, ddgs, ...... if it were all counted as corn we might be exporting at a record pace.  but not to mexico or china



This chart shows the growth in exports of corn groats/flour, corn starch, HF corn syrup, corn oil, corn gluten meal/feed from 2004 to 2014.

Export Growth for Corn-Based Products
FY 2009 Export Value
(Million US)
FY 2014 Export Value (Million US)
Distiller’s Dried Grains
Corn Gluten Meal/Feed
Corn Oil
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Corn Starch
Corn Groats/Flour


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Re: no corn to mexico


I am searching a lot of data and a large amount of indefensible claims on nafta and its effects in Mexico.....

And much of the false claims come from Mexico....

I read claims of cheap US corn driving farmers out of business and lowering Mexican production........ can't find data that backs that up.  And many of these high import years for mexico have been high priced corn years.

Here are a few things to feed your thinker...... Put down those political rags and think it about it after you've vomited up the rat bait you been consuming.




The flood across the boarder is real.... people that is.



Did Mexico's corn production really go down after 1994 NAFTA?







just interesting ...




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Re: no corn to mexico

Small and mid-size Mexican farmers couldn't compete in that environment and had to abandon their farms.


I find no evidence of that in production records published by Mexico.


but its production drastically declined after NAFTA became law in 1994 because NAFTA gave U.S. farmers free access to the Mexican market


Just a lame attempt to generate a foothold in bargaining with a neighbor who has asked them many times to help with a people trafficing problem and an abuse of the american social services system..

Used farm equipment continues to go south across the border.


"Right now we have hostile position from the U.S. and we have all our eggs in the same basket, so we should probably start diversifying in the short term," Rios said.


The one statement I agree with -- and probably is an accurate quote........ and the Iowa quote was probably accurate........

How about diversifying the Senate in Mexico by proposing a bill to create a system to address poverty in Mexico.

And some control of the crime that slobbers over into the US so the folks in Plains, Ks don't have to worry about Mexican drug cash being laundered in their local bank.


I really don't care how Trump handles it, whatever he does will be better than the do nothing folks cnn wants to get their money under the table from.   A loss of a 5% customer on corn crop.  That's about 19 cents a bushel.  We will make that back in savings on our social services if he is successful.... And what other choice do we have with a neighbor that just keeps driving his sick cattle through the fence...

We have watched amnesty fail two or three times now.... When neither mexico or our own bureaucrats will enforce the law, forgiveness is just asking for more, and the one thing Mexico is good at is creating poverty.


I want legal people who will pay taxes and be good citizens to cross that border and enjoy our system.  But without enforcement you don't have a law.


I know I waste the time to type but I gained hope in this election to feel that not everybody is on the take, wants to be on the take, or just can't read and needs to be told how to vote....    That translates in farming to ...... not everybody farms their mailbox, or cheats their landowner, or needs to grow by taking away from others.

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Re: no corn to mexico

sw and others, this might be an interesting site to put in your favorite list, so you can do some looking around for answers.



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Re: no corn to mexico

one question on the website I just posted, if you look at corn.....on 2015 and 2016.....corn inports were at record highs in mexico,

but, if you look at the imports from the U.S....note that it's almost 0 for two years.


any ideas ?



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