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nothing marks a bottom better than the Chinese spouting off...


ja, "this time is different"...


The latest proclamation of "no corn storage bubble" here comes right out of the dragon's lips when Chinese say plans are to double subsidies for the end users of reserve Chinese owned corn...


200 yaun doubled to 400 yaun or $32.50/MT doubled to $65/MT, ja...


For this, "no corn storage bubble" in my backyard statement is ...




it's timely, ja...


Furthermore, murmurs of Chinese cancelling DDG's are circulating within the bowels of these inter tubes...


Conclusion : The market will eventually figure out the "Mother's Day Corn" isn't doing so well...


over and out









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Re: nothing marks a bottom better than the Chinese spouting off...

The Chinese are playing us well once again.
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Re: Your full of Crap, juliedavis91849:

if you need to check yuan to usd relative values...just dig up a currency site.



your "conjecture" on this btw, is pure negative theory.


the various chinese stock markets are UP bout 220% over the past year 4 your info.



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Re: someone's ponytail or perhaps "cowtail" is twisted

Those "emerging" markets better off renamed "submerging" markets, ja-

It's becoming evident that the "emerging" markets are clearly "submerging" and if this keeps up, the 1997 "Asian Crisis" is gonna look like a "Markwright family outing" to Disneyland-


Feast your eyes on Exhibit "A"

China considers more subsidies for corn processors, state sales low

Corn processors with a capacity of more than 100,000 tonnes a year would be offered a subsidy of 200 yuan ($32) per tonne, double that offered last year, they said

"Many processors in the northeast are shut down or making losses because of government stockpiles. Without subsidies, more will be closed," said one industry source from the processing industry, who declined to be identified.


or... Exhibit "B"

Fix your eyes here on how currency culprits create a very volatile "stawk" environment, ja...

"Take Dong Jun, who earlier this year shut down his factory making lighting equipment and electrical wiring and let go some 100 workers. The 50-year-old comes to the plant in the eastern city of Yancheng almost daily, but spends his time trading stocks on behalf of his company, Yanwu Keda Electric Co.

“Manufacturing is a very hard business these days,” said Mr. Dong, chairman of the company. “I want to make some money from the stock market and use the profits to restart my manufacturing business later, when the economy turns for the better.”


Then, there's always Exhibit "C" for those who caught this early on...

China Estimates Largest capital Outflow in More Than a Decade in Final Quarter 2014

BEIJING—China reported the largest deficit in its capital and financial account in more than a decade for the last quarter of 2014, the latest evidence showing that capital is flowing out of the country.









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