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Senior Advisor

now where did i put those crimpers

Well once I find them, have to clean them
Up, then off to Chicago.

We had a trace of rain, and wheat is down
25 cents.
Maybe we can use this to our advantage. We
Need to see who got out....and we need
To trace who said this was a good rain,
So we can figure out what wx sources
The market computers follow....
If we can get this (and should be easy,
Since we all know it was mostly a non
Rain event) and by looking who sold
Gives us a clue which program they
Are using.

Then we gain some insight how they

We are going to have to think like Quincy.
((For you young kids Quincy was the forerunner of csi )).

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Veteran Contributor

Re: now where did i put those crimpers

Oh I finally get it!! ( crimpers😫 Chicago). Maybe a good thing getting out so when the crop reports come in limits up for a few days??? So they can rape the shorts side like they did the longs!!!
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Veteran Contributor

Re: now where did i put those crimpers

You're too late elcheapo!  Someone beat you to it by the look of today's price action.  Not a bull to be found!  Nothing to use those crimpers on:)

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