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Hobby----what kind of recon mission are you on? Are you going to double back and invade Indiana from the east?

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Re: off topic

Just started on a drive about


Just saw the Indiana forecast and can guarantee you Indiana is NOT on the menu.


Started this with a day spent with my good friend SW earlier this week.  The wife and I wanted some warm weather that invovolves short sleeves and Palm trees, then Thursday morn decided on a short boat ride for a while and will board that in a few hrs. Might not post much for a week or so 😉 .


Palm trees outside our hotel this morning. This is the latest winter vacation we've ever taken. Snow all the way till half way through Tennessee. Got a neighbor doing the heavy chores and a retired friend staying in the house petting the cats and feeding the dog.


Life is good 


Bon Vonage

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Mike central IA
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Re: off topic


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