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our "friends" in the grain business

yes, a few weeks ago, basis was down to 60 cents under on at 90 cents.......and it was not a big of

some good protein wheat.....funny how half was put in the bins, and other was put on the an idea why ?


and so the price goes up, we don't pay you as much.......and we don't pay you for the $1.20 bu or better premium..........


ever wonder why the elevator manager doesn't wear work shoes or boots ?


sorry folks, but having lived thru this past year, having to take an ldp, and with a $1.30, basis, when things get better, they

are still stabbing me in the ribs......i dont have much use for them, and one was told that fact this morning......and

he didnt understand.........


so, yet another river to cross.........get the board to get rid of their elevator manager.......problem is he is all their friends, and

cuts them special deals.


this looking into that........might be something a bit tainted when a boardmember gets special deals.........


what better way to get things cleaned up, than let someone else do it for you !


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It's a Big Club Bro

and we ain't in it.   

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Re: our "friends" in the grain business

All of the above could be solved by having your own bins. High protein ? Bin it and find a market paying a protein premium. McPherson is this year. Basis too wide locally? Bin it and look for it to narrow. Take advantage of the carry when it is available.
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Re: our "friends" in the grain business

Making some pretty strong accusations there elchappie...better get the facts to back them up or you will find yourself in court. If you have the facts, share them at the next monthly board meeting, make sure the local newspaper is there, that would be fun :-)