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pod counts

As I'd said, I thought that pod counts would be the most interesting thing from the (unnamed) big tour.


They look to be running from OK in the areas where expectations were low to very high in some of the better (and bigger producing) areas. And current weather suggests decent seed size.


As I've also said, I wouldn't die defending my 175 bpa corn prediction but do fear a 1 in 10 type high yield outlier in beans.


Given what we know now, a national yield of, say 51, would go a long way toward loosening up world supply/demand which has been a major factor underpinning all prices in the bid for acres game.


Not sure what is acrtionable in it, though, as I'm not really finding anything attractive in '17 crop option strategies.


Stuff happens, sooner and later, but I can see the possibility of a winter planning season that is grimmer than the past one.


The past year one did offer some decent selling opportunities and I assume strong yields will compensate in most places. Hope next year does too.

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