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possibly some good news

This data may suggest that CV may fade with warmer weather- if the slower development in tropical countries is any indication.

Unfortunately if we're already on the Italy curve in mid-March we may get hammered pretty hard before warm weather arrives.

So hard to know and even people with high expertise can only make their best estimates. Since a vaccine probably won't be available for more than a year at the soonest we may have to go through another season (might make Boris' wild UK gamble look brilliant), but only time will tell on any of it.

There will be record setting hindsight at some future date.

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Re: possibly some good news

Watching  Varney & Co   -  some  guest- guy  was  screaming  about  lock down in  N Y City  ,   and  then  chastising  the  spring  break  folks  at  the  beach '  -  GO  FIGURE ,  plus  the  same  message  of  political  sabotage  - ???? 

Back  to  Bloomberg  Business  - Squawk  Alley ,   watching  was  an  easy  NO  BRAINIER  -  -  -     

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