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post mortem

way too early for it.


But in my experience it is good practice to keep a journal of the marketing year. Particularly of any overexcitement when market action was strong, despondency when weak etc.


Would include who you were listening to and if that was someone you have a history with,  longer term assessment of the fruits of that association.


There are one year mistakes that are bad enough to justify termination but if someone has been useful over time it may not help to go running off to whomever got it right this year.


In particular I'd try to be honest with yourself if you got caught up in seeking confirmation from whatever source was saying what your emotions wanted to hear at the moment.


I think I can make those observations because I've made all those mistakes.



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Re: post mortem

PS. Made 'em all this year too.


But starting with a plan and mostly executing it I avoided letting them get me entirely sidetracked.

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Re: post mortem

accurate subject line !

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