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"China bubble not affecting soy purchases"

Hell boys,


I want to share a view from a Brazilian market analyst. Fernando Muraro, who is AgRural Commodities, said in a conference in São Paulo that the Chinese stock market will not have a big effect on soybeans purchases. According to Muraro, the Asian country will buy 77 million tons of the oilseed in 2015. In five years, there is a perspective that the volume will get to 96.1 million tons. "The import numbers are very consistent. We need a bigger to factor to shake the Chinese consumption of this commodity. Those who say the Chinese stock market will drop beans are being too simplistic," he analyzed.


Do you agree?

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Re: "China bubble not affecting soy purchases"

It's not so much that China is going to take less.   They might not but they are going to probably take less from the USA.-- and probably most important they almost certainly (because of where purchases are today) going to take less from USA during bean harvest.   Some think maybe 200M bushels less this Sept-Oct- Nov vs last year

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Re: "China bubble not affecting soy purchases"

Why does it matter where China is purchasing from? This is a "world market" and demand will reduce world supply. Or does it not work both ways?
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Re: "China bubble not affecting soy purchases"

At least they are still needing the beans.    Go ahead a create the shortage in Brazil..........How many dock strikes to you see in the future?     Maybe someone will label them as an unreliable supplier.    Smiley Wink


So......... if Brazil is selling soybeans cheaper than the U.S. ,   who is the loser?

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