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"bad" deal coming?

Trump says a China deal is coming "sooner than you think."

Which would mean he's feeling the pressure and wants to get that behind him.

But a bad NAFTA 2.0 type deal would still be good for agriculture- or at least get us halfway back to where we would have been otherwise.

Beware, though, the day when Trump, Mnuchin or whomever can't move the Dow up 200 points by making an optimistic statement about it. 

I'm not sure "the market" really believes any of that but participants trade what they think other people will believe and try to get there first.

For now. Until such time as they don't.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Looks like the Chinese ....

It looks like the Chinese are taking full advantage of trump's all the time talking the market down.  Makes you wonder if they aren't in cahoots. 


Trump knows what the deal is going to end up being, the Chinese have told him repeatedly.  He can get a couple-three things on his list, he's not going to get a couple others.  All trump has to do now is decide when it's most advantageous for him to take the deal they've offered. 

 In the meantime, we just get the lower price for beans.

My guess is, it'll be closer to the election, he badly needs the good news.


Frequent Contributor

Re: Looks like the Chinese ....

I agree with you, Rick- Trump needs something good to happen- for him or us!

From what I heard on the national news tonite- not much good in store for him...local beans are down a nickle today- new crop are starting to head to town, so not much good news for us either. PM