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"full scale invasion"

According to the Ukraine gov by Russian
Forces (via CNN)

Doubt if much in the way of exports

Now what...punt, pass or kick?
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Re: "full scale invasion"

According to Bryce Knorr, that trouble over there puts a floor on fertilizer prices.  The Black Sea ports and shipping.  Russian Natty gas that`s used for nitrogen production is a issue. I think fertilizer is the real story out of there.

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Re: "full scale invasion"

And to think, just yesterday the SP 500 hit record territory as whirled peas (what every Miss America contestant is in favor of) broke out.


Now things are, as Charles Barkley would say, turble. Juss turble. 


I'm thinking SP 3000 within a few more weeks as there will be a "flight to quality."



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